On Grid Solar Inverter

On Grid Inverters have high conversion efficiency, safe and stable performance. They can meet different application environment requirements such as indoor and outdoor. They are widely used in small and medium-sized photovoltaic power generation systems such as residential buildings, commercial roofs and farms.
On grid solar inverter is also known as grid tie or grid connected solar inverter, which only works when the utility grid is available. In other words, we can say that an on grid solar inverter is an electricity grid based solar inverter that does not require neither solar battery or nor any other normal battery.
On grid solar inverters are used in on grid solar systems used for home, business, institutions and industries.

Off Grid Solar Inverter

Off-Grid Solar inverter – An off-grid solar inverter is very popular and it comes with a power backup. Off grid solar inverters work independently of the grid. Most home appliances such as Fans, Cooler, TV, AC, Water Pump etc. can work through this inverter.

Off grid solar inverters are better known as stand-alone solar inverters, mostly used in an off-grid solar system.